Game #9 Recap

The Mighty Tacos (11 points / 4th place) battled Seafoam (10 points / 5th place) on Monday June 6th for 2 points which would secure 3rd place for the victor with one game left in the season.

Mighty Tacos shutout victory, 4-0 moves the Mighty Tacos out of a four way tie for 4th place and in sole possession of 3rd place.

Game #10 will be against the undefeated Benders. Can the Tacos end the Benders 9 game win streak? With 4 teams 2 points behind the Tacos, will the Mighty Tacos make the playoffs? How many teams make the playoffs? Will there be playoffs? These questions have been pondered by some of the world greatest minds since the beginning of time, some have theorized they may never be answered.

Mighty Tacos Fun Facts:

The Mighty Tacos have the 2 fewest goals against (23) and 3 shutouts for the season. Woh!


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