Summer 2023 Calendar Update

  It's a new season! I hope everybody enjoyed their 2 week break. We've added 2 new Tacos this season: Cari and Charley. The calendar has been updated. here is the text version: Sun, 6/25/2023 @ 12:10 PM - vs Armageddon Charlie G1 Sun, 7/9/2023 @ 7:10 PM - vs Grizzlies G2 Sun, 7/16/2023 @ 1:10 PM - vs Flamingos G3 Sun, 7/23/2023 @ 1:50 PM - vs Seafoam G4 Sun, 7/30/2023 @ 6:40 PM - vs Spicy Boiz G5 Sun, 8/6/2023 @ 3:40 PM - vs Rookies G6 Sun, 8/13/2023 @ 2:40 PM - vs Benders G7 Sun, 8/20/2023 @ 6:30 PM - vs Night Hawks G8 Sun, 8/27/2023 @ 5:20 PM - vs The Dodos G9 Sun, 9/10/2023 @ 1:40 PM - vs Armageddon Charlie G10

MT Calendar Update

 The Mighty Tacos Game Calendar has been updated with the next 10 games of the season. Games have been added to the end of December. Check it out ---> Mighty Tacos Schedule

22-23 Fall/Winter Adult League Info

Here are the details   22-23 Fall/Winter Adult League: Expected season start date: October 9th 20 game season Cost: $6,900 (no early registration discount) Bronze (A&B): Sundays/Mondays/Tuesdays

Centene Bronze A Playoffs - Summer 2022

Here is the playoff games for Bronze A   Sunday, October 2nd BRONZE A PLAYOFF – 7:20pm on USA #2 seed vs. #3 seed Monday, October 3rd BRONZE A FINAL – 9:40pm on USA #1 seed vs. winner on Sunday    Only the top 3 Teams Make the playoffs.     As the standings are after 7 games The Mighty Tacos are in a 4 way tie for 3rd place. Also the Flamingos and the DoDos still have a game to play. The winner of that game should have enough points to be solely in 3rd place. Our next game is against the benders (5-2 / 10 points) who are tied with the Mighty Tacos. Maybe with a few more wins we can make it into 3rd place and make the playoffs.

Summer Schedule Released

Check the Schedule Page the Summer session schedule has been updated. This Years Spicy Bowl has been set for 8/28/2022 @ 3:40 PM. Get ready for Taco domination!

2022 Spring Season Final Standings

So close! The Mighty Tacos lost the final game of the season to the undefeated benders, 2-1, to end the season  in a 3 way tie for 4th. The tie breaker did not turn out in their favor and the Flamingos secured the 4th spot in the playoffs leaving the Mighty Tacos in 5th place for the season. There is always next season.  

Alternate Jersey Quiz

I picked some jerseys that we could use for an alternate jersey. I was thinking it would be a white jersey to go with the red one we already have. Let me know what you think.  Loading…