Centene Bronze A Playoffs - Summer 2022

Here is the playoff games for Bronze A
Sunday, October 2nd
BRONZE A PLAYOFF – 7:20pm on USA #2 seed vs. #3 seed

Monday, October 3rd
BRONZE A FINAL – 9:40pm on USA #1 seed vs. winner on Sunday 
Only the top 3 Teams Make the playoffs.

As the standings are after 7 games The Mighty Tacos are in a 4 way tie for 3rd place. Also the Flamingos and the DoDos still have a game to play. The winner of that game should have enough points to be solely in 3rd place.

Our next game is against the benders (5-2 / 10 points) who are tied with the Mighty Tacos. Maybe with a few more wins we can make it into 3rd place and make the playoffs.


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