Game #10 Preview

Prior to game #10 the Mighty Tacos appear to be tied for 3rd place with 13 points, with the Grease Monkeys after the Grease Monkey played their 10th and final game. However that does not mean we are out of the woods yet. The Flamingos and the Night Hawks have their 10th game scheduled for Sunday. One of these teams will walk away with 2 more points putting them into a 3 way tie for 3rd place. That means there will be 5 teams in the top 3 spots. 

What is the tie breaking procedure? No one really knows, but the Mighty Tacos lost to both the Flamingos and the Night Hawks in the regular season. The Mighty Tacos did not play a game against the Grease Monkeys.

However if the Mighty Tacos get any points after playing the undefeated Benders they will be in sole possession of 3rd place with 14 points.

How many teams even make it into the playoffs? Also no one really knows.

Go Tacos!



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